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How do I choose an agency?

Ron Stiller, MD
Pulmonary Critical Care
I work with my agency primarily because of the relationships that I've formed here. I connected with one of the recruiters, and quite frankly we started having a really nice relationship.
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What is it like to work international locums?

Jason Lambrese, MD
I love that I didn't have to work the weekends and could travel. By the end we were traveling every weekend... We could put the real-life stuff on hold because there really wasn't much real-life stuff to do out there except work and pay a few bills and that was it.
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How to prepare for taxes as a locums provider?

Alexis Gallati
Certified Tax Coach
Make sure you find a tax preparer who is experienced in your particular situation. You have to make sure you use someone who has experience with multi-state taxation if you're working in different states. It's really important they know all of the states' tax codes.
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How does locums help with work/life balance?

Noel Lumpkin, MD
I haven't been to a meeting in 11 years. There are no after-hours meetings, no callback. My free time is my own.
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What is it like to work rural locums?

Lynette Bui, DO
Family Medicine
I think the best thing for me is that I just get to be a doctor. It's nice to walk into a clinic where you know they need help, and you know you're able to help. People are genuinely appreciative that you're there, and on day one you're always welcome because they need the help.
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Can I work locums part time?

Stacy Hicks, PA
General Surgery
Obviously the pay is one thing. The biggest benefit is you get to practice and see more people and get out there a little bit. I think it helps broaden your expertise in different areas.
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Can you really build a solid income with flexible assignments?

Locum assignments typically pay 33 - 50 percent more per hour than permanent positions. And when you work as a locum tenens provider for a reputable agency, you’re probably working as an independent contractor, which means tax advantages, malpractice insurance coverage, and paid travel and housing costs.

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How well can locums help balance your life?

Responsibilities of permanent positions include administrative duties, charting and billing, staff issues, and other bureaucracy. Locums eliminates many of the elements that can lead to burnout, giving you more time to focus on patients, the rapid pace of medical change, and yes, life outside the white coat and scrubs.

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What’s it really like to work where, when, and how much you want?

With so much opportunity out there, locums gives you more control and flexibility with your career. If you prefer holding a full-time, permanent position, you can turn weekends or vacations into substantial income sources. More than 40,000 healthcare professionals are using locum tenens to take control of their career.

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